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The Official Unicorn SPiT User’s Handbook


Let Your Creative Juices Flow With Over 50 Colorful Projects for Home Decor, Apparel, Artwork, and much more!

Create colorful masterpieces with the official guide to using Unicorn SPiT!

Unicorn SPiT is a paint, gel stain, and glaze concentrate — all in one bottle! It creates a sparkling, 3-dimensional effect on wood, glass, metal, fabric, pottery, wicker, concrete, laminate and more. Fans love that it’s non-toxic and comes in a variety of outrageous colors. Now, for the first time, Unicorn SPiT inventor Michelle Nicole spills the secrets about the best tips and tricks for using the paint to create vibrant works of art! This book details everything you need to know, including:

• Mixing color to create unique new shades

• Over 50 projects for artwork, glassware, clothing, and more

• Easy techniques for applying paint like a pro

• Tips and tricks on giving new life to old furniture

And much, much more!


  • Print Book: $34.95