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STONiE-ERODiE - Michelle Nicole's ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS


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8oz Resealable Jar

Recommended Use:  STONiE-ERODiE is formulated for use on any surface that has been properly prepared or base coated. Possible surfaces include: cabinets, furniture, walls, concrete, metal, plastic, terra cotta, and clay.  was developed to be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Application: Prepare the base surface. If a undercoat or base coat is desired , apply paint and allow the paint to completely dry before applying STONiE-ERODiE. STONiE-ERODiE can be applied directly to a surface using a variety of tools. To create stone effects STONiE-ERODiE can be brushed or rolled-on to a surface. STONiE-ERODiE can be applied with a trowel, putty or palette knife to create thicker plaster type finishes. To create quick and easy reliefs, use the a nap roller or scraper to push STONiE-ERODiE through a stencil. Once dried, lightly sand with a 220 - 400 grit paper to knock off edges or to achieve a finer, smoother finish. Seal with any clear sealer.  The STONiE-ERODiE medium can be combined or layered with any of the other mediums in the product line.  STONiE-ERODiE crackles beautifully when used as a topcoat layer over CRACKiE-LACKiE

Note: If a crackled finish is not desired, avoid applying  STONiE-ERODiE too thickly or the STONiE-ERODiE will begin to crack as it begins to dry.

Tinting: STONiE-ERODiE can be used "as is" straight out of the container or tinted. STONiE-ERODiE is a neutral base medium which allows it to be easily tinted from light to dark colors. If tinting, stir STONiE-ERODiE medium base thoroughly prior to tinting. Custom tinted   STONiE-ERODiE can be created by taking the STONiE-ERODiE base to a local paint store for tinting. For a quick and easy DIY tinted STONiE-ERODiE, mix with a water based chalk type or clay/mineral paint, such as Chalk Paint® or Unicorn SPiT. To tint STONiE-ERODiE with a chalk type or clay/mineral paint or Unicorn SPiT- start with a 1:5 ratio of paint to  STONiE-ERODiE (1 part paint to 5 parts STONiE-ERODiE ). STONiE-ERODiE  is also formulated to be mixed with other tints. Stir the mixture thoroughly to completely combine both products. Make sure to continually stir the tinted  STONiE-ERODiE mixture before and after each application. Once tinted, the STONiE-ERODiE and paint mixture will dry much lighter with a slight hint of the color. Note: The more paint/tint added to the STONiE-ERODiE medium base the "looser" or thinner the tinted  mixture. We recommend doing a sample test piece to determine the ratio for the "recipe" and thickness of the tinted mixture. Clean up & Product Storage: Easy clean up with soap and water. Seal the container tightly. Do not let freeze or expose to direct sunlight/extreme heat.

Do not apply product when air and surface temperatures are below 50°F (10°C)