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Best Gel Stain

DIY projects are fun and creative. You can get professional-looking results when you use high-quality materials. At Michelle Nicole’s Artistic Vivations, we sell the best chalk paint on the market. Premium Wise Owl chalk paint offers impressive results, regardless of your skill level or previous experience. We have a vast array of colors to choose from online. 

What is Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint dries to a chalkboard surface that allows you to write with chalk. Our premium Wise Owl chalk synthesis paint is made with an eco-friendly focus. The paint line is free from harsh chemical or solvents and has zero VOCs. They manufacture the paint with no unnecessary fillers or preservatives. The best chalk paint does not contain anything harmful, so you and your family will use it without compromising your health or well-being.

About the Best Chalk Paint

Wise Owl chalk paint is made of an acrylic blend of mineral paint, so it offers excellent coverage and superior adhesion to a variety of surfaced of mineral paint, so it provides excellent coverage and superior adhesion to a variety of surfaces. You generally do not need to sand or prime the surface before you apply this high-quality paint. All you need to do is clean the surface ahead of application. The paint comes in pints that contain approximately 16 ounces of product and covers about 80 square feet. It is effortless to apply, and you can use it for many different paint techniques. You can use the best chalk paint for a variety of projects and crafts, and you can also apply it to walls, fabric, and wood.

What Color Chalk Paints Are Available?

One of the reasons why Wise Owl is the best chalk paint is the vast selection of colors. You can view the color chart online. We offer thirty-six different colors, including many hard-to-find options. Some of the popular shades include vintage duck egg, Neptune, weathervane, espresso, blood moon, eclipse, greenery, sapphire, joyful and goldenrod, among many others. Keep in mind that the color you see on your screen may not be the exact color of the product due to color variations on your computer. With so many color choices, you are sure to find one that fits your project.

About Michelle Nicole’s Artistic Vivations

Michelle Nicole always had an interest in arts and crafts from a young age. As a young adult, she worked at an adult daycare facility where she provided arts and crafts for elderly or disabled patrons. Her arts and crafts program expanded when she brought an old desk she found on the side of the road. She found that people with all types of abilities could participate in embellishing the desk and making it new and colorful. She created a non-toxic, colorful paint that would not be harmful, even if it got onto the skin. The bright colors let people uniquely express themselves. She eventually called the new paint Unicorn Spit. Now, you can find this unique paint along with chalk paint and other craft paints online.  

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