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Formbys Tung Oil

Formby's tung oil is a high-gloss finish and is a great product because it works well, and the application of it is easy. You just wipe it on and let it set. With a spray gun, you won't get the product into every little cranny if the object you are coating has a lot of sides, pieces, nooks, crannies, etc. Then, you have to clean your spray gun when you're done, which is just more work that no one wants. Of course, some lacquers come in spray cans, but most people don't like these as much.

How to Apply Formby's Tung Oil to Wooden Surfaces

Before applying Formby's tung oil to wood, you'll want to sand the surface, preferably with 220 grit paper get the surface nice and smooth Next, you're going to apply your tong oil You'll want to put a fairly liberal amount on to your wood. Remember, the first two coats seal the wood, and the third coat and beyond start to give the surface its shine.

The best way to apply tung oil is to use a cotton rag. You'll pour some tung oil onto your surface and wipe it back and forth with the rag. You'll rub the tung oil into the grain using back and forth circular motions. You'll see the pores of the wood start to drink it up, the more you rub. Be sure to rub for several minutes.

What to Keep in Mind

As you apply the oil, the wood will slowly become dryer and dryer as you wipe it. You'll want to let your Formby's tung oil sit for 4 - 6 hours before you apply the second coat. When it's time to apply the second coat, you'll pour some tung oil onto a piece of sandpaper (usually 600 grit - very fine sandpaper). You'll use this sandpaper with the tung oil on it to sand the fibers and push the tung oil deep into the cells of the wood. This will give the wood a much deeper, richer look in the long-run.

The sandpaper in the second application behaves the same way the cotton rag did in the first application. Only, the sandpaper is giving you a lot better of a finish. Of course, you may opt to apply a third and fourth coat as well. With tung oil, you can apply multiple coats - the more the better! Just be sure to let your surface sit for several hours between each application.

The Finish

To finish the sandpaper application, you'll want to hit it with a cotton rag again when you're done the sanding. This will buff the surface and provide your area with a nice, rich-looking finish. You'll begin to see the depth and clarity of the wood as the Formby's tung oil penetrates the wood's pores and as it starts to dry. After applying multiple layers, you'll begin to notice a nice level sheen and buildup of the product. It will also give you good protection from everyday use. People love Formby's tung oil because it creates a deep, lustrous look for their wood, as long as they are not using any other kind of stain or any kind of lacquers over it.


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