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Thunder Blue

Crafts, hobbies, and DIY projects require creativity and the right materials. You need high-quality paint that you can use on various materials. You also want to select paint that offers a wide range of options and exciting results. One of the most exciting and fun paint products you can try is called Unicorn Spit. It comes in a wide variety of colors, including Thunder Blue.

What is Unicorn Spit Paint?

Unicorn Spit is a unique paint that is a combination of paint, gel, and stain in one formula. This paint is magical and allows you to get creative with your projects. It is a unique paint that you can use on almost any surface, including wood, metal, fabric, pottery, and more. The colors are phenomenal and give you the ability to make many different beautiful patterns. The basic set includes ten colors, and the luxury set contains 14 colors. You can also purchase colors separately. They come in two sizes, including 4 ounces and 8-ounce containers. We also offer unique colors and metallic paints from time to time. Every crafter and hobbyist will want to have a complete set of Unicorn Spit on hand for all your upcoming projects.

How to Use Thunder Blue

It is easy to use Thunder Blue paint on a variety of different surfaces. You can apply the product with a brush or foam pad, or you can even use your hands. Unicorn spit will dry quickly, depending on the thickness of paint that you apply. When the product dries, you can apply a glaze coat such as Famowood Glaze Coat or other similar product for a gloss finish. When you want to apply to glass, mix the paint with a water-based decoupage product. If you want a solid appearance, mix it one to one with decoupage product. If you prefer a more transparent look, use less Thunder Blue.

Can I Use Thunder Blue on Fabric?

One of the best things about Unicorn Spit is you can use it on many surfaces, including fabric. There are two main methods you can use to apply Unicorn Spit to the material. You may stamp the material by applying paint to a stamp and then placing it onto the fabric. Then, use a water bottle and your hand or a brush to blend. You may prefer to apply paint directly to cloth. For this method, mix paint with 3 to 7 parts water in a cup or spray bottle. Then, you can spray or brush it onto fabric, or you can dip the fabric into the paint. Allow the paint to dry and use a product to waterproof the material.

Purchase Unicorn Spit

You can purchase Unicorn Spit and all of our exclusive products online at Michelle Nicole’s Artistic Vibations. We offer a wide range of paint products that we developed specifically for crafting and DIY projects. Our paints are of the highest quality, and you will find they are easy to work with and offer excellent results. You can shop our complete line of paints and craft supplies online.



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