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Unicorn Spit

If you enjoy crafting and like to do DIY projects, you are always looking for materials and paint that will work well for your crafts. One of the best options is a product called Unicorn Spit. This unique paint is an excellent option for many projects. You can find Unicorn Spit at Michelle Nicole’s Artistic Vivations. Here you will see a range of products that she specifically created for use in several different arts and crafts.

What is Unicorn Spit?

Unicorn Spit is an invention from Michelle Nicole that combines paint, stain, and glaze in one product. She led arts and crafts projects for groups and wanted to develop a paint that was fun, easy to use, and durable. She accomplished her goal with this unique product. You can use this paint on all types of surfaces, including wood, glass, metal, pottery, wicker, concrete, fabric, and more. It is one of the most beautiful paints you can buy. You can buy this product in a vast array of colors that you can combine in unique and fun ways to obtain impressive results.

Paint Choices from Michelle Nicole’s Artistic Vivations

You can find a large variety of paint options at Michelle Nicole’s Artistic Vivations. Purchase products separately or you can opt for a complete set of colors. The original ten color set includes Dragon’s Belly, Pixie Punk Pink, White Ning, Midnight’s Blackness, Blue Thunder, Lemon Kiss, Purple Hill Majesty, Molly Red pepper, Zia and Phoenix Fire. You can choose between 4 ounces and 8-ounce sizes. The luxury paint set includes all ten of the original colors along with four additional colors. The other shades include Squirrel, Weathered Daydream, Navajo Jewel, and Rustic Reality.

How Can I Use Specialty Paint?

Hobbyists and DIY aficionados can use this magical product for almost any type of craft project possible. If you can imagine it, you can make it with this high-quality, fun paint product. You can find some of our favorite project ideas online to get your creative juices flowing. We know that you will find a multitude of uses for our favorite paint. You will soon realize why this is a product that you must have in your crafting tool kit. This paint creates beautiful patterns to create unique and different designs. There is no limit to the creative ways to use this exciting paint.

About Michelle Nicole’s Artistic Vivations

From a young age, Michelle Nicole was a creative artist. She developed her first product from Functional Art Therapy called Creative Juice, which ultimately turned into Unicorn Spit. Art is a creative function and is useful in several rehabilitative therapies. She developed this fun product into a viable business and now brings this exceptional product to crafters around the world. Anyone can use this excellent paint to obtain fun and professional-looking results. You can shop from a wide selection of specialty paint products and tools online. Visit our Facebook page to see some of the creative ideas for our paints.



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