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Unicorn Spit Projects

Crafters and hobbyists are always looking for paints and stains that provide excellent results. When you are looking for a high-quality paint that offers unique results, choose Unicorn Spit. The paint comes in a large variety of colors, and you can use it for a vast array of Unicorn Spit projects. This unique paint is quickly becoming a favorite among crafters around the globe.

What is Unicorn Spit?

Unicorn Spit is a unique craft paint that combines the properties of paint, gel, and stain in one product. Unicorn spit is ideal for crafters and hobbyists because it comes in a variety of colors and you can use in on many different materials. We sell a multitude of colors in sets and separately. Our gel, stain, and glazes come in ten original colors and four luxury colors. We sell the product in 4-ounce and 8-ounce containers. These are the most versatile craft paints you will ever find.

Unicorn Spit Projects

There are many fun and exciting Unicorn Spit projects you can try. Beginners may want to start with an easy project, such as painting a tray. You can choose any type of tray that you like. If the tray is metal, you should prepare the surface by painting it with a primer. Choose various colors of Unicorn Spit that you like and add them to the surface. Create colorful designs with a foam brush or with your hands. When you are happy with the results, allow the tray to dry and then spray it with a clear coating.

What Materials Can I Use with Unicorn Spit?

You can use Unicorn Spit on many materials, including wood, metal, pottery, fabric, and more. We have many Unicorn Spit projects online. One of our favorite Unicorn Spit projects is painting and embellishing a metal travel mug. You can make one for yourself or as gifts for your friends and family members. To make the mug, start by painting a coat of metal paint primer onto the surface. Then, take the various colors of Unicorn Spit and put them onto a flexible plastic material. Wrap the plastic around the mug to create a beautiful, colorful design. When dry, spray the cup with sealant.

About Michelle Nicole’s Artistic Vibations

Michelle Nicole first started out running crafting programs and quickly found that the available products were not satisfactory. Over time, Michelle Nicole created Unicorn Spit. This is a premier product that is ideal for many different craft, hobby, and DIY projects. You can use Unicorn Spit on any surface, so you can create almost anything that you can imagine. All you need to do is gather the paints and tools you need, and you can have fun making exciting and unique items. You can purchase Unicorn Spit online in sets and separately. We also sell several other paint products and tools. You will find many project ideas online. There are projects for every skill level. Contact us today to purchase the paint products you need to get your creative juices flowing.


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