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Unicorn Spit Stain

Unicorn Spit stain is an all-in-one paint, stain, and glaze product that has endless application possibilities - literally! The only limit to its use is the individual's creativity. There are some truly mind-blowing things that can be done with Unicorn Spit, and once you start creating with it, it will become your new favorite!

Naturally, as with any medium, there is a learning curve or trial and error period with Unicorn Spit. Make sure your first three projects or so are minor ones. For example, don't redo your kitchen cupboards on your first project. Maybe start with a small item that you bought from a Goodwill or arts and crafts store.

Once you get the hang of Unicorn Spit stain, you can then start to use it with confidence and undertake larger projects. Once you check out some of the amazing projects that have been completed with Unicorn Spit, you will realize that this product is the real deal! You can achieve amazing, professional results with Unicorn Spin.

FYI: Be sure that you use your Unicorn Spit stain on surfaces that are completely free of oil, residues, sealers, paints, and other stains. You may need to clean and sand your surface prior to application. To get the kind of results that you want, you'll need to make sure that your Unicorn Spit can get down into the pores of your surface you're finishing. This will ensure a lustrous, beautiful result every time.

What Can I Do With Unicorn Spit Stain?

  • Nothing brings out the hippy in a person like a little tie-dye. You might decide to tie-dye the bench on your front porch, the end table in your bedroom, or any other surface for that matter. You'll be able to spread the design and colors with your hands to achieve the look you want.
  • With Unicorn Spit, all it takes is one coat to achieve a great finish. Any wooden surface can be uniquely transformed with Unicorn Spit. For example, your kitchen table, kitchen chairs, desktops, etc.
  • Use Unicorn Spit as on epoxy on glass items, such as vases, jars, bottles, windows, etc.
  • Unicorn Spit can be used to create exotic, supernova-like glossy paintings or it can be blended just so to create a mild background, say; if you are going to apply a stencil design over an area.
  • Another great idea for Unicorn Spit is to use it as an eye-catching accent for the background of bookshelves, cabinets, entertainment centers, and more.

Some Points to Keep in Mind

Just remember, Unicorn Spit dries quickly. You may want to keep a spray bottle with water close by to mist your surface and keep it from drying faster than you want it to. Make sure you are ready to see your project through to completion when you start applying your stain. Another point to remember is that you can dilute Unicorn Spit with water up to 70%.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Laminates, wood, glass, and metal surfaces can be transformed into artistic masterpieces instantly with Unicorn Spit stain. Take an ordinary household item and make it awesome! Start creating today!


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