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What Is Unicorn Spit

What is Unicorn Spit? In its simplest form, Unicorn Spit is paint, a glaze, and a gel stain all in one. This all-in-one product allows artists, hobbyists, crafters, and DIYers alike to turn everyday objects into artistic masterpieces! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will have lots of fun with Unicorn Spit, and Unicorn Spit is safe for all ages. It's never too early or too late to find your artistic bone. Unicorn Spit comes in six vivid colors stated as follows:

  • Violet Vulture
  • Dolly Firebird
  • Sapphire Swift
  • Golden Gosling
  • Lavish Lovebirds
  • Starling Sasha

With Unicorn Spit, you can take ordinary household items and furnishings and give them a beautiful faux finish. Unicorn Spit has a variety of applications, and it can be used on a number of items, including wooden items, glass items, copper and metal items, furniture, kitchen cabinets, canvas, leather, laminate, concrete, clothing, countertops, floors, sneakers, and more. Indeed, the uses and the surfaces that Unicorn Spit can be used on are seemingly endless!

Why is Unicorn Spit Named So?

The name "Unicorn Spit" is a fun-loving name that is intended to invoke the creativity of the people who use it. But don't let the name fool you! Unicorn Spit is an amazing product that, when used by the right hands, can transform ordinary items into unordinary, breathtaking works of art. You'll turn every item that you transform with Unicorn Spit into a bonafide conversation starter.

You Can't Go Wrong with Unicorn Spit

Unicorn Spit is beloved by many for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which being that Unicorn Spit is a non-toxic paint, glaze, and stain product that is environmentally-friendly. If you are looking for a gel stain and glaze that is safe for everyone, then Unicorn Spit definitely deserves your attention. This water-based product works well, lasts long, and won't poison you, your family, your children, your pets, or your guests.

Who Uses Unicorn Spit? 

Undoubtedly, Unicorn Spit is for artistic minded creators and professional creators - people who can take an ordinary item, like an old piece of furniture, and transform it into a palette. With Unicorn Spit, you'll be able to transform everyday items into decorative pieces for your home. In fact, you could transform entire rooms throughout your interior with different combinations of colors, along with the usage of epoxies that you may also obtain right here at

Get Your Unicorn Spit Today

What is Unicorn Spit? Put simply; Unicorn Spit can be used to transform what you already own into spectacular things - things that are colorful, thought-provoking, and unique. Unicorn Spit is a one-of-a-kind non-toxic product that is safe to the touch, safe to breathe in, and safe to swallow, although doing swallowing Unicorn Spit is highly discouraged! Please, contact a poison control center or call 911 immediately if this product is consumed just to be safe.

You may purchase Unicorn Spit online, right here at Also, be sure to check out the other epoxies sold on this website that can be used to transform your home furnishings.



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