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LiQUiD WOOD PRiMER - Michelle Nicole's ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS


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Retique It® liquid wood is a patented, revolutionary new product which makes virtually any hard surface stainable without having to strip off the old finish. Apply to metal, plastic, glass, concrete, or laminate. The surface will become like bare wood because Retique It contains real wood. When you apply Retique It to a surface you are actually applying a thin layer of wood which can be finished using any color of Unicorn SPiT or  METALLiCS   

  • Apply a layer of unfinished wood on virtually any hard surface
  • No sanding or stripping  (just clean & degloss surface for best adhesion results)
  • Looks and feels like real wood because it IS real wood
  • Water based, Ultra low VOC's, virtually no order
  • Easy to use indoors, clean up with soap and water
  • White & bright base color to make your Unicorn SPiT artwork POP
  • Easy to tint to any color with Unicorn SPiT 
  • Absorbs Unicorn SPiT the same as solid, dry, bare wood
  • Seal with any oil based product  

Pint Size Resealable Can

White Bleached Wood