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What kind brush to use with Unicorn SPiT (regular & SPARKLiNG) & ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS (METALLiCS)?

What kind brush to use with Unicorn SPiT (regular & SPARKLiNG) & ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS (METALLiCS)? You can use synthetic or natural brushes. You can also apply with foam brushes, sponges, spray bottles & even plastic wrap! All depends on the look you are going for. Dilution rates & catalysts also play a factor.    Can Unicorn SPiT (regular & SPARKLiNG) & ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS dry in your brushes without damaging them?  YES!! As long as you don't mix in a hardening agent (unlike water or alcohol) washes right out. You can also rehydrate your pallet after its dry with just a mist of water & get back to creating without wasting a drop. Perfect for busy makers & classes.

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What Can You Seal Unicorn SPiT With?

Can you use polyurethane or polycrylic on Unicorn SPiT (regular, metallic & SPARKLiNG) & ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS (METALLiCS)? Yes! Oil Based sealers such as wax, urethane, polyurethane, lacquer, linseed oil, tung oil finish, epoxy / resin, butcher block oil, silicone waterproofing spray, aerosol clear coats, clear chalk board paint....ect...all work beautifully. just choose the right sealant for the environment. This includes interior, exterior, marine grade & food safe oil based sealants. Water based sealants like polycrylic are tricky. Here are a few circumstances where you will find success. Do a couple light coats of aerosol clear coat, allow to cure then finish with a water based product.  Apply to bare wood that has been stained with single color. Apply to bare wood...

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What is So Special About Unicorn SPiT?

Unicorn SPiT (regular & SPARKLiNG)  & ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS (METALLiCS) are a paint, stain, dye, tint, ink, & glaze – all in one bottle!  The unique, super concentrated formulas are multipurpose & very forgiving. They can be used as a non self sealing, fast drying paint, water color, dye or stain. They can also be mixed with a multitude of clear catalyst to make pretty much every art or hobby medium, in every color, you will ever need! The color selection offers the richest color of each color spectrum so that you can mix in White Ning or Midnight's Blackness to tint or shade to the tone you want. Who needs 50 shades of grey when you can just make it, lol! The...

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