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What Can You Seal Unicorn SPiT With?

Can you use polyurethane or polycrylic on Unicorn SPiT (regular, metallic & SPARKLiNG) & ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS (METALLiCS)?

Yes! Oil Based sealers such as wax, urethane, polyurethane, lacquer, linseed oil, tung oil finish, epoxy / resin, butcher block oil, silicone waterproofing spray, aerosol clear coats, clear chalk board paint....ect...all work beautifully. just choose the right sealant for the environment. This includes interior, exterior, marine grade & food safe oil based sealants.

Water based sealants like polycrylic are tricky. Here are a few circumstances where you will find success.

  • Do a couple light coats of aerosol clear coat, allow to cure then finish with a water based product. 
  • Apply to bare wood that has been stained with single color.
  • Apply to bare wood that has been stained / dyed with US or AV diluted more than 6 parts.

I always prefer not to risk it but I personally have had success with both. My new pine privacy fence that I SPiT a peacock on a few years ago, was sealed with water based exterior with UV protection. The wood was so thirsty it drank my water diluted colors right up.


Do you have to seal Unicorn SPiT & ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS (METALLiCS)?

NO! You don't always have to seal. Some items that will not be handled much or exposed to dripping wet environments (like a picture frame or brick interior wall) do not need to be sealed. to riches the color up & take away the cloudiness, you can simply spray with aerosol hair spray.

You also do not need to seal if you mixed the mediums with a catalyst that hardens like epoxy / resin, water based top coats, polycrylic, fabric medium, paint, mod podge / decoupage, glue...ect. You definitely can if you feel you need more durability but you don't HAVE to. You can also seal with a water based sealant such as polycrylic once the colored hardening catalyst is fully cured.


How do you know when Unicorn SPiT & ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS (METALLiCS) are dry & ready to be sealed?

A cool attribute is that when Unicorn SPiT (regular & SPARKLiNG) & ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS (METALLiCS) is (when applied mixed with a hardening catalyst) as a paint or strong stain/ dries a bit cloudy to let you know it's ready to be sealed. Dry time can take 3 minutes to 24 hours depending on application, mixed in catalysts, humidity levels & temperature.  but when it is ready....Watch the MAGiC happen when the oil based sealant or epoxy / resin goes on. All the color will be deep & rich as it was when it was wet.